Graphic Room


This section provides assistance to students in the Faculty of Education to gain access to materials and to use available space to construct teaching aids for micro teaching and practicum. Work on enlargement of maps and preparation of teaching aids can be done here. Among the available materials here are manila card, box cards (two types), paint, brushes, stationery etc

Conference / Seminar Facilities


3 lecture theaters.
20 seminar & tutorial rooms.

Cube Room

The Cube Room provides facilities for students to relax and studying. With well-equipped facilities and can accommodate 40 people at a time, this room is ideal for students and staff to organize seminars, courses, meetings and various activities.

TV Studio


The TV Studio prepares facilities and services for micro teaching, recordings from recorded telecasts in and out of the studio and video production. Several education programmes can be obtained from the studio for teaching and learning purposes.Please refer to TV studio staff for access to information on conditions and procedures for using the facilities or services.


PhD Room

PhD Room

For PhD students