UMFRDC was established in 2003 and formerly known as University Malaya Centre for Family Development (UMCFD). In accordance with the University of Malaya status as a research university on 11 June 2007, UMCFD was changed to University Malaya Family Research and Development Centre (UMFRDC). 

UMFRDC focuses on multidisciplinary research related with families and children development since families are the main influence on the development of children along with other people and settings such as teachers and schools. In addition, UMFRDC also carries out consultations and collaboration with public, private and international institutions. Besides that, UMFRDC also conducts monthly talks, counseling services, family and children seminars, voluntary programs and various outreach activities in a variety of communities. 


To be an internationally renowned centre for family research, resource and development.


The UMFRDC is committed to promoting and conducting interdisciplinary collaborative research on family processes and development; to using and disseminating research information that enhance the well-being of community and family; to forge alliances/partnerships in support of the university community and public by translating information gathered on family research into enhancement and prevention/intervention programs and national policies. It will impact directly on nation building efforts in the areas of family development, exemplary parenting, marriage, and development in childhood care and education.

  1. Enhancing the quality of family development throughout the life cycle. 
  2. The centre is committed to expanding knowledge to its outermost limit concerning the well being of the family, to creating new knowledge and new ways of building resilient family units as well as a caring community.
  3. Central to the mission is the development of the University of Malaya’s leadership role in the identification, evaluation, dissemination and application of knowledge for the benefit of families and the community at large
  4. Providing fellowships/grants for visiting scholars who are interested in contributing to the field of family research.
  5. Carrying out grant-supported projects focused on family prevention/intervention efforts
  6. Publishing research & other materials on topics related to family, children and social development.
  7. Facilitating collaborative research within the university as well as with nations and international centers that are committed to interdisciplinary family research in a diverse population.

Monthly Talk
The talk will be held every first Friday of the month.  It will discuss issues related to the family, marriage, parenting, children and spiritual problems occurring among teenagers, adults, family and community.  This talk is for the University of Malaya community, and it is aimed at educating all the staff, lecturers, and students both spiritually and physically.

Convention on Rights of the Child (CRC)
The Convention deals with the child-specific needs and rights. It requires that states act in the best interests of the child. This approach is different from the common law approach found in many countries that had previously treated children as possessions or chattels, ownership of which was sometimes argued over in family disputes. Some of honorable panel members will be giving talks discussing this matter. We will hold this CRC session this coming October 2013 in collaboration with SUHAKAM and other NGOs.

Family Support Services
The Family Research & Development Centre works on identifying and responding to the needs of all families. Our services may include providing counseling to the family and the individual person who is having problems in the workplace or in the home. The participant may choose the counselor whom they trust from UMFRDC’s list of counselors for consultation. The maximum for consultation hour is 3 hours; participants need to make appointment earlier before the consultation date.  

Parent Education, Training and Support Group
Parents are invited to talks and training will be given by professionals organized by the UMFRDC to help them understand more about their children’s characteristics. The Centre also observes their children being trained and will teach them to carry out the same training at home, especially if the child has behavioral problems. Parent education programs are focused on enhancing parenting practices and behaviors, such as developing positive discipline techniques, learning age-appropriate child development skills, promoting positive play and parent-child interaction, and locating or accessing community services, support and resources.

Malaysian Online Journal of Family development (MOJFAD)
The Malaysian Online Journal of Family Development (MOJFAD) is an international, peer reviewed, and open access electronic journal published by the University Malaya Research Centre for Family Development (UMRCFD). It serves as a platform for presenting and discussing the emerging issues in areas of family studies, family violence, gender studies, human growth & development, psychology, social work, marriage, ageing, spiritual development and sociology. The journal is published twice a year (July and December). Submissions will be reviewed by members of the MOJFAD editorial board anonymously.

Other activities held by the University of Malaya Family Research & Development Centre

Training / Course
> Parenting Education Series 1-7
Talk on Family Issues
> Training on Family Education

Convention / Conference
> Future Family Conference September - 2013/2014
> Convention on Rights of the Child October - 2013/2014
> International Conference on Family and Children Development December - 2013/2014

> Family Management for Disabled Child
> Research Module on Future Family Education 
> Effective Study on Family Institution’s Recovery Method 
> Research in Special Education
> Effectiveness of FELDA Transformational Program

> Malaysian Online Journal of Family Development (MOJFD)
> The Stabilization of Family Institution 
> Book on Fostering positive values toward strengthening social institutions / family
> Book on Family and Children Education
> Magazine Article on Family Institution

> Literacy Program for Aboriginals 
> Program AsasMembaca
> Program with FELDA community
> Program Prihatin
> School Adoption Program


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