Department of Educational Foundations and Humanities

Department Overview

The mission of the Department of Educational Foundations and Humanities is to establish socio-cultural, historical, Islamic and Values Education Pedagogy, and philosophical understanding for undergraduate and postgraduate students to guide their practices, frame curricular decisions, and support meaningful learning. The goal of the Department is to develop a professional community of reflective, informed, and socially committed educators.

To meet this objective, the Department offers undergraduate and graduate courses providing the underpinnings of teacher education: diversity, philosophy, history, sociology, social psychology, social development, Islamic and Moral Values and related areas. In addition, the courses can improve the knowledge and skills required by teachers and educators.

At the undergraduate level, the Department offers two electives specialization courses in Moral and Values Education and Arts Education.

For postgraduate studies programme, the Department offers the Master of Education in 6 diverse areas which are Educational Philosophy, Islamic Education (Values and Human Development), Educational Sociology and Arts Education.The supervision of the Doctoral candidates is also available in those areas. In view of the sub- disciplines of the Department, the 10 academic staff in the department have strong research links with various organizations, both local and international.

Head of Department

Prof. Madya Dr. Zaharah Hussin

Dr. Ghazali Darusalam
Blok E (EE 111)
Tel : 03 - 7967 5061


Dr. Vishalache Balakrishnan
Blok E (EE 210)
Tel: 03- 7967 3896



 Mohd Faisal Mohamed

Block E (EE 211)
Tel : 03 - 7967 5072


 Rahimi Md Saad

Blok A (EA 114)
Tel: 03- 7967 5145



Dr. Abd Razak Zakaria
Menara Pendidikan (EG 504)
Tel: 03- 7967 5007


Dr. Abdul Muhsein Sulaiman
Menara Pendidikan (EG 520)
Tel : 7967 5114 

Visiting Lecturers


Dr. Wail Muil Alhaj Said Ismail

Menara Pendidikan (EG 526)
Tel : 7967 5062


Dr. Mohammad Ismath Ramzy Mohammad Ismail

Blok A (EA 103)
Tel : 7967 5065


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