Department of Educational Psychology and Counselling


Department Overview


The Objective of the Department of Educational Psychology and Counselling is to provide knowledge, training and research in the field of education and counseling at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. The department has 21 academic staff who are trained in counseling and the various fields of education including Educational Psychology, Measurement and Evaluation, and Special Education.

The department offers the Bachelor of Counselling and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. The programs were established in 1997 and have attracted students from China, Singapore, Indonesia, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Maldives.

The Bachelor of Counselling programme provides education and professional training for those who aspire to be counselors in government departments or private sectors. The program is recognized by the Civil Service Department and received accreditation by the Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia.

The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education aims to provide education and professional training for those who are interested to be educators of Early Childhood Education or establish their own early childhood education centers. To date, both programs have produced more than 500 graduates.

At the postgraduate level, the Department offers five program : Master of Early Childhood Education, Master of Counselling, Master of Education (Special Education), Master of Education (Measurement and Evaluation) and Master of Education (Education Psychology). The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme is conducted either by research in five areas of study or by coursework and research in Counselling programme.

To further support its teaching and research activities, the Department has hosted several international and national seminars and conferences. The Department staff also have strong professional links with various organizations locally and internationally.

Head of Department

Professor Dr. Loh Sau Cheong, S.A.P
Block E (EE117)

Tel: 03- 7967 5038 / 5097



Professor Dr. Loh Sau Cheong, S.A.P
Block E (EE117)
Tel: 03- 7967 5097


ProfessorDr. Jas Laile Suzana Jaafar

Menara Pendidikan (EG 525)
Tel: 03- 7967 5095


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diana Lea Baranovich
Blok B (EB 006)
Tel: 03- 7967 5194


Dr. Norfaezah Md. Khalid
Block C (Bilik Pengajar)
Tel : 7967 5132


Dr.Fonny Dameaty Hutagalung
Tel: 03- 7967 5038 / 5021 


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariani Md Nor
Block B (EB 003)
Tel: 03- 7967 5193


Accoc. Prof. Dr. Zahari Ishak
Menara Pendidikan (EG 506)
Tel: 03-7967 5137


Dr. Melati Sumari
Block E (EE 116)
Tel: 03- 7967 5049


Dr. Shahrir Jamaluddin
Tel: 03-7967 5125
Blok E (EE 320)



Dr. Hamidah Sulaiman
Block A (EA 104)
Tel: 03- 7967 5091



Dr. Madhya Zhagen A/L Ganesan
Block D (ED 004)
Tel: 03- 7967 5197




Dr. Lau Poh Li
Menara Pendidikan (EG 509)
Tel: 03- 7967 5178




Dr. Rafidah Aga Mohd Jaladin
Block E
Tel: 03- 7967 5058



Dr. Ida Hartina Ahmad Tharbe
Block E (EE 214)
Tel: 03- 7967 5063



Dr. Noor Aishah Bt. Rosli
Menara Pendidikan (EG517)
Tel : 7967 5096


Block C (Bilik Pengajar)
Tel : 7967 5132

nazri 2

Dr. Mohd Nazri Abdul Rahman
Menara Pendidikan (EG503)
Tel : 7967 5172


Dr. Norsafatul Aznin A. Razak
Block C (Bilik Pengajar)
Tel : 7967 5132


Dr. Ahmad Shamsuri Muhamad

Block C (Bilik Pengajar)
Tel : 7967 5132



Block E (EE313)
Tel: 79675055



Dr. Intan Marfarrina Binti Omar

Bilik: EE 207
Tel: 03 - 79675077


Visiting Lecturers
Tutor / SLAB / SLAI

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