Science Labs

3 Science Labs

Staff : Mr. Azlan & Mr. Mohd Fadzil Ismail
This laboratory is to help students of Science discipline to acquire skills in use of the laboratory. Tools and materials for experiments and practical work can be obtained from this laboratory. The workshop facilities in the laboratory are allocated especially for students who intend to construct tools for their instructional needs. Students should follow the safety rules here. If they find any difficulty in using the tools and materials in the laboratory, they should ask for assistance from the staff on duty.

Multimedia Lab


The Mulitimedia lab provides equipment facilities and computer software. The equipment include 15 mulitimedia computer units which can accommodate 30 students, a printer, an LCD projector, a videocamera and a scanner. Macromedia software is available to produce interactive multimedia teaching-learning aids. The room is mainly for students who take multimedia technology and internet courses. The aim of the room is to equip students with basic multimedia-internet skills for teaching and learning in schools.

Microcomputer Lab

Microcomputer Room

The microcomputer unit is equipped with several IBMXT microcomputers. The unit is to aid students of Bachelor of Education and Master of Education to acquire computer application skills in education. The unit is also for processing of education research data. Students who use the computers in this unit should abide by all the rules.

Mathematics Labs


The Mathematics Laboratory, Faculty of Education is located at 2nd Floor, Block B is equipped with 10 computers and a projector to date for the purpose of teaching and learning process. It provides computer software such as SPSS, SAS, AMOS, G Power, GeoGebra, Geometer Sketchpad, Tinkerplots, Scratch and R studio for student use in the field of Mathematics Education.

Counselling Lab


The Counseling Lab at the Faculty of Education, University of Malaya is located at 3rd Floor, Education Tower provides therapeutic and appropriate infrastructure for teaching and learning for Counseling Program. It consists of 5 Individual Counseling Rooms, 2 Group Counseling Rooms and 1 Resource Centre. Counseling lab is equipped with recording facilities with the latest systems to facilitate the teaching and learning process. Providing a complete laboratory and therapeutic counseling consistent with the requirements of supply and quality counseling program recognized by the Counselling Board of Malaysia.

Computer Lab 1 & 2

The Computer laboratory facilities located at Level 2, Tower Block, Faculty of Education provides teaching and learning facilities for students. Laboratory facilities equipped with the latest   software such as SPSS, AMOS, NVivo, MATLAB, etc. are utilized not only for the purpose of teaching and learning; even it is used for the purpose of organizing seminars and workshops.

Computer Lab 3

The Computer Lab 3, which is located on the 1st Floor, Block A is equipped with SPSS and AMOS software and able to accommodate 30 students at a time. With high-speed internet access and a fully equipped computer laboratories, teaching and learning process can be carried out smoothly

Computer Lab 4

The Computer Lab 4 are located at 2nd Floor, Block C is equipped with a projector and 16 computers for the purpose of teaching and learning process. Basic software such as Microsoft Office and SPSS can be found in this laboratory. For the purpose of discussion between lecturers and students, a round table is also available here in this laboratory. 

Micro Teaching Lab

The Micro Teaching Laboratory is located at the 3rd Floor, Block C. This lab is equipped with 10 computers and a projector to date for the purpose of teaching and learning. Laboratory that can accommodate up to 10 people is equipped with basic software and SPSS. The Faculty has extend the use of this laboratory for research activity to the academics and lecturers in the Faculty of Education.