Student Achievement

  • B Ed TESL graduate from year 2015, Sarah Choong, (the one we nominated for Anugerah Diraja) has completed an MA in International Relations at King's College with first class honours and has secured an internship with United Nations. She will be based in Geneva for now and she thanks the faculty and UM for the world class education we provided her. She was UM debator fyi with many medals under her belt.  She is also the one with gymnastics background and can walk upside down, on her hands. Congrats Sarah! The faculty is so very proud of you.
  • Tay Yih Yih, a B ECE student was a Champion in the Malay Oratory Competition and Nazeeha Ziarat Khan a B.Ed (TESL) student placed fourth in the same competition. The competition was held in Melaka on March 19th, 2017.
  • Lim Kee Shin, a B.Ed (TESL) student was selected as representative for the Kennedy Lugar Youth and Exchange Study Alumni to attend AFS-USA beginning March 20 th to April 7 th 2017 in USA. He was selected based on his capabilities in leadership and involvement in community service in AFS Foundation.
  • One of our undergraduates, Sarah Choong was crowned Champion of the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championship 2015. It is the biggest international debating win UM has had in 7 years. fyi Sarah, along with two other students have just been nominated by the faculty for the Anugerah Pelajaran Diraja for UM 2015. They are competing for the title with other faculty students as well. Let's just hope, with this win, she'd get selected for the Anugerah.


  • Mr Farid Zahier Zikri a second year student pursuing the degree, Bachelor of Education (TESL) was offered the POSCO Asia Fellowships 2015. He received a full scholarship for studying abroad for one semester with all expenses paid. The Faculty is so proud of his success.


  • Ms Farah Aiman a second year student from B. Ed (TESL) has been selected as one of the recipients for the TF Learn Scholarship @ Nanyang Technology scholarship. With this scholarship, she will be studying at NTU for a semester with all expenses paid. Indeed something we the faculty members are all very proud of.