The Faculty of Education has established an advisory panel to guide and provide support to students with both academic and personal problems. Students under academic probation are also monitored by this panel. It is the panel's aim to facilitate students' personal, emotional and educational enhancement.

Additionally, those who are academically excellent can also be monitored and further developed for competitions locally or internationally. Students may directly contact the Deputy Dean (Undergraduate Studies) or any member of the Panel through the contact details provided. 


  Professor Dr. Rohaida Mohd Saat
03-7967 5000



Dr. Adelina Asmawi
Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Studies
03-7967 5099


Pn. Anida Kamaludin
Assistant Registrar
Tel: 03-7967 5001



Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Faizal A. Ghani
Department of Educational, Management Planning & Policies

03-7967 5076



Dr. Noor Aishah Rosli
Department of Educational, Psychology & Counseling

03-7967 5096


Dr. Abdul Muhsein Sulaiman

 Department of Educational Foundation & Humanities

03-7967 5086



Dr. Mohd Shahril Nizam Shaharom
Department of Curriculum & Instructional Technology
03-7967 5022


En. Norjoharuddeen Mohd Nor
Department of Mathematics & Science Education
03-7967 5004


Norfazlin Aida Radzuan
Administrative Assistant

03-7967 5006

Last Update: July 06, 2017