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Center Overview
The Centre for Advancing Research Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education (CAREMS) was established to face the challenges of the 21st century digital world, in cultivating the development of Mathematics and Science education research. Additionally, it develops bilateral collaborations at the national and international levels with universities, educational organizations, industries and others. CAREMS also emboldens the initiation of technologies and modern teaching methods in the Malaysian education field. Thirteen CAREMS members, are lecturers with expertise in STEM, Measurement and Evaluation, Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis, Teaching and Learning Module Development, Model Development and Testing, Program Evaluation and IR4.0, Education Technology and Innovation and others. Each CAREMS member has expertise in conducting research at the local and foreign levels and has vast experiences in conducting seminars at the national and international levels. In addition, all members are experienced training providers for pupils, students, teachers, lecturers of Ministry of Education, Government and Private Institutions, in the effort of educating the nation's generation and training them with the skills needed in facing changing trends and current needs. Many CAREMS members have participated in the presentation and publication of research organised locally and globally. CAREMS also imparts opportunities for members to collaborate with external parties from various sectors, especially in research, consulting and conducting activities/programs in the education field and its parallel.


  • Responding to the challenges of the 21st century digital world to cultivate the development of Mathematics and Science Education research.
  • Establishing national and international collaboration with universities, educational organizations, Industries and others.
  • Inspiring the introduction of technologies and modern teaching methods in the Malaysian education field.

To be a leading research centre in providing real-world solutions, managing and conducting educational and economically relevant research programs.

Enabling the achievement of community excellence by creating a culture of ethical research, grant management, collaboration and education training providers

Niche Area
  • STEM Education
  • Module and Model Development and Testing
  • Development of Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Classroom Assessment
  • Measurement and Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • IR4.0
Contact Us

Research Centre Chair:
Dr. Renuka a/p V.Sathasivam
Tel: +603 7967 5085
Email: renukasivam@um.edu.my 

Last Update: 19/03/2024