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It is my pleasure and honour to welcome all new students to the faculty. Congratulations and thank you for making the Faculty of Education, University of Malaya your preferred choice. This established Faculty has made its mark not only nationally but also internationally.

In line with University of Malaya's achievements, the Faculty of Education has also been able to raise its standards to become one of the top 100 education faculties in the world. This success did not happen overnight but is based on years of toil by faculty members and students. Being more than 50 years of age, the faculty has continued to perform, and has succeeded in producing more than 20 000 outstanding graduates.

Our degree programmes do not only provide students with knowledge and skills, but also develop them to link theory to practice for better preparation for the workforce. To date, our graduates shine and are successful in local as well as international industries.

As much as we take pride in such success, the Faculty understands it needs to consider the latest challenges. Hence, the Faculty has taken appropriate steps to educate and acculturate our new graduates into becoming thinking individuals who can contribute new ideas and are capable of carrying out cutting-edge research in the field of education.

To ensure sustained excellence, planning is done with utmost care for the future generation and the University and Faculty's mission and vision will be upheld and directed at achieving our desired goals.

Regards and all the best for your success!



Last Updated: 02/12/2019