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Centre Overview
The Centre for Research in Education Leadership, Administration, Management and Policy (CRELAMP), acts as the hub for knowledge generation, new thinking, quality output and solutions for management of education, education leadership for sustainable development and educational policies. CRELAMP was launched on 4th April 2021 with support from the Department of Educational Management, Planning and Policy, Faculty of Education, Universiti Malaya. The core function is to draw funding from a number of different public or private sources of funding, and to operationalize research into creating solutions and disseminations of knowledge back to the funder of the grant.


CRELAMP is a Centre of reference for Research and Development in Education Management and Policies.


To operationalize educational management and policies into effective practices through grant generation, research, academic networking and dissemination of knowledge.

Niche Area

  • Organizational Leadership
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational and School Leadership
  • Leadership in Higher Education
  • Leadership in Special Education
  • Leadership in Educational Planning
  • Leadership in Educational Policy
  • Sports Management in Education
  • Strategic Management in Education
  • Creativity in Educational Management
  • Technology Management in Education
  • School Effectiveness and School Improvement
  • Innovation in Educational Management
  • Leadership in Professional Learning Communities

Contact Us

Research Centre Chair:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Faizal A. Ghani
Tel: +603 7967 5014
Email: mdfaizal@um.edu.my

Last Update: 19/03/2024