Department Overview

The Centre for Research in International and Comparative Education (CRICE) embodies a focus on research in international and comparative issues in education that affect educational policies and practice, broadly defined. Some prominent issues may include, among others, education in the konowledge economy at all scales from global to local; education provision issues such as efficiency, effectiveness, access/equity, gender, culture and religion as well as teaching and learning. The Centre focuses on, but not restricted to, South East Asia. It is envisioned that the Centre will help overcome the relative dearth of research in this field in South East Asia. Globally there is a realisation that Interdisciplinary study and research is the way forward. Consequently the Centre will also examine how related and contributing disciplines to educational studies (such as history, economics, geography and sociology) help to analyse and explain education systems and contribute to their improvement.

During its foundation (in 2011), three external advisers supported the Centre through their advice and experience, namely Professor Richard Pring and the late Professor Colin Brock, both of the University of Oxford and Professor Michael Crossley of the University of Bristol. Colin Brock was one of the 15 UNESCO Chairs in the UK and a former Chair of the British Association of International and Comparative Education, and Editor of its journal 'Compare'. He was also a Honorary Professor of Education at the University of Durham and had field experience in over 40 countries. Richard Pring is one of the foremost educators in the UK and former Director of the University of Oxford Department of Education (1988-2003) of which he is still a member. He has a keen interest and expertise in religion and education, including Islamic contexts, with extensive research experience in Pakistan, West Central Asia and the Middle East. He has also concluded a major national research project in England into education in the 14-19 age group, spanning different forms of educational opportunity. Michael Crossley is Director of the Research Centre for International and Comparative Studies at the Graduate School of Education, and Director of the Education in Small States Research Group at the University of Bristol. He was Editor of the journal 'Comparative Education' from 2004 to 2009 inclusive, and was Chair and Vice Chair of the British Association for International and Comparative Education from 2000 to 2004.

Objectives of CRICE 
To promote research capacity in Malaysia in international and comparative education.
To investigate issues that affect educational policies and practice, broadly defined.
To advance research of this kind especially in relation to South East Asia.


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