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Centre Overview
The establishment of CEPATS is aimed to improve the quality of psychological testing tools used locally with high psychometric value. This requires continuous effort on validation of test instruments adapted from the West. CEPATS is proposed to trigger a leap in the field of psychometric research. Basic or fundamental research can be generated to directly address new challenges as brought about by IR4 and PAK21. Additionally, CEPATS offers psychological services which include counselling, special need and early childhood programmes. Research, training programmes and pscyhological testings will be part of the services offered. In conclusion, CEPATS is built to meet the needs of researchers, industry and society while further strengthening the image of the Faculty of Education at the regional level. For the long term, with the advent of CEPATS, the field of psychometrics, authentic psychological testing and psychological services offered will be more valued and become part of the normal conversation of society while contributing to the generation of a knowledge-based economy.


a.To create a reference center for psychological tests developed or adapted for use in Malaysia;
b. To conduct research activities that focus on the field of basic and applied psychometrics;
c. To support research activities carried out by University members and the community outside the University;
d.To provide counseling and psychological services to community members;
e.To generate income for the Faculty.

Niche Area

  • Psychometric

a. Translation and validation of psychological tests into local languages
b. Construction of new tests that meet the needs of the research community and industry
c. Research on psychological test instruments in the repository (e.g., meta-analysis)
d. Improving psychometric knowledge and competence among test users e. Validation mapping for psychological testing

  • Counselling, Special Needs and Early Childhood services which include:
    a. Research
    b. Training
    c. Services – counselling, testing

Contact Us

Research Centre Chair: 
Prof. Dr. Loh Sau Cheong, S.A.P
Tel: 03 7967 5097
Email: lohsch@um.edu.my

Last Update: 19/03/2024