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Centre Overview
Education for Humanism and Social Advancement Research Centre (EHSAn) is the centre of research to focus Social Wellness focusing on Cultural and Spiritual Intelligences under the Department of Educational Foundation and Humanities. In fast developing globalization made people to seek guidance to understand people with different backgrounds and to deal with them in all affairs of life, this centre caters research on social wellness of the society and people across cultures while finding solution based on spiritual intelligence. As far as material development ignoring spiritual aspect has brough enough issues to the world including 17 Global crises, spiritual intelligence that seeks common ground among people, animal as well as other creatures is necessary to ensure sustainability of the world and human beings. This necessity demands new perspectives and approach to the world.

Social Wellness focusing on Cultural and Spiritual Intelligences.

To develop Socially Wellness academic professionals with are excellent background in Cultural and Spiritual Intelligences.

Research and Development

Niche Area

  • Islamic Education
  • Civic and Value Education
  • Social disparities and intercultural development
  • Art and Spiritual Development

Contact Us

Research Centre Chair:
Dr. Mohammad Ismath Ramzy Mohammad Ismail
Tel: +603 7967 5039
Email: ismathramzy@um.edu.my

Last Update: 19/03/2024